Aimi (Accelerated Innovation & Model for Improvement) is a cloud-based, complete improvement program management system. Available on a subscription basis, this application fully incorporates the Accelerated Model for Improvement and PDSA Cycles, with exceptional graphical data analysis and reporting capabilities, and will allow you to manage all of your business innovation and improvement efforts from one “source of the truth”. Contact us to learn more about how this software can benefit you and your business.

AIMI Systems Improvement Project
Improvement Projects

Develop, test, and implement changes that lead to continuous improvement

AIMI System Data Analysis
Data Analysis

Analyze and learn from data using our modern statistical process control engine

AIMI System Organizing Information
Organizing Information

Collect and organize the latest knowledge to understand interrelationships and make informed decisions

AIMI System Systems and Processes
Systems and Processes

Build and understand your system by mapping your processes and study how they are connected

AIMI System Charters and Reports
Charters and Reports

Manage and document your continuous improvement efforts

AIMI System Team Collaboration
Team Collaboration

Leave the clutter of your inbox behind by having all improvement-related conversation in one place

AIMI System Dashboards

Create your own dashboards to manage projects and data you are involved in right at your fingertips

AIMI System Academy
Aimi Academy

Learn about the Model for Improvement from the creators

AIMI System Complete Improvement Journey
Complete Improvement Journey

From researching projects to spreading the improvements, Aimi provides a tested and proven method for the complete improvement journey.