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You have to be fast on your feet
and adaptive or else a strategy is

Charles De Gaulle


Based on a foundation of rich operational experience, burnished with strong coaching and facilitation skills, Profound Knowledge Partners Asia provides business coaching and consulting that will deliver positive change for you and your business.

PKPAsia Market Growth

Market Growth

Maintaining existing loyal customers, and building a broader market base is fundamental to the long-term sustainability of any business. Profound Knowledge Partners Asia will help you analyse your marketing and sales activities, with the objective of expanding your market horizons and overall growth strategy. We will coach you through the process of form even more successful approaches to your existing marketing and sales efforts.

PKPAsia Driving Innovation

Driving Innovation

How many businesses have failed or struggled to make profit because they have not been able to innovate and adapt to the changing trends in the marketplace? Profound Knowledge Partners Asia helps you to identify trends and build a system of innovation into your business, to continually improve the matching of your products, services and business model with the needs in the marketplace, so that more customers want more of your most profitable products, services and experiences. Business innovation is the key to survival in the 2020s.

PKPAsia Business Structure

Business Structure

Are you structured in a way to optimise your business? Strategically are you in the right place, with the right people, to maximise your market potential? Profound Knowledge Partner Asia helps you to review your business structure and provides advice and coaching on how to get the most from your existing business, while at the same time you evolve to an even more productive structure.

PKPAsia Operations Improvement

Operations Improvement

It is the combination of the processes, technology, people and business policies that determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation’s operations. Profound Knowledge Partners Asia helps you to analyse your business operations, providing advice and coaching to your key people to drive continuous improvements in supply management, delivery operations, market development, staff engagement, and financial management of your business. We can help you to become more Agile through the application of the Accelerated Model for Improvement (AmiTM) and the Strategic Enterprise Improvement System Frameworks (SEIS). Where specialist expertise is required, we can direct you to business partners to provide additional in-depth advice and services.

PKPAsia Leadership Development

Leadership Development

“As are the leaders, so are the followers!”. Profound Knowledge Partner Asia provide team and individual leadership and business coaching services to help successful leaders and their teams become even more successful. Partnering with our sister organisation, Associates in Leadership Development, we can help you assess your strengths and challenges, and coach you to work on them. We also provide mixed-media Leadership Development training to help you and your organisation grow and develop.

PKPAsia Change Management

Change Management

In this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous), rapidly changing world, managing change has never been more important. Not only do we need to know what and where to change, but how! Profound Knowledge Partners Asia provides you and your organisation with the knowledge, skills, mindsets and frameworks to manage rapid and sustainable change for the future through advice, and coaching and where appropriate, training programs.

PKPAsia Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness

Whether you are looking to enhance the effectiveness of your leadership team, overcome team dysfunctions or build strong teams throughout your organisation, our High Impact Leadership Teams Framework and team coaching services will bring rapid results to your organisation.

PKPAsia Building Innovation Into Your Business

ESG & Sustainability

With a wealth of experience, we can help you to explore your management, operations, products & services, and leadership to help you integrate ESG frameworks, and resilience into your business. Being familiar with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the practical challenges of building a sustainable enterprise, our consulting and coaching services will help you build agile methods and resilience into your business for long term sustainable performance. We can help you make your ESG strategy a reality.