Trilby White, CEO, Creature Comforts Group

When I contacted Profound Knowledge Partners Asia in June 2018 I was struggling with managing my veterinary business, the Creature Comforts Group. Having grown from a small, family run operation to a medium-sized business I felt overwhelmed – my work seemed never-ending and I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Within a relatively short period of time, David Thomas from PKP Asia provided management tools and systems that allowed the business to run more smoothly and independently of me. On a personal front they helped me identify and work on issues that were holding me back as a leader.

PKP Asia has now coached each of my key partnership team to develop their management and leadership skills. This has made a huge difference to how our company is run.

I love the way PKP Asia focuses on developing both personal leadership characteristics as well as practical tools to help make a business run more effectively. A perfect mix of personal coach and business consultant.

I would recommend PKP Asia to any business owner who feels like there must be a better way of doing things but can’t quite figure out how to get there. I can truly say that their help has been life changing.

David Simpson & Stuart Harris, Co-founders of Team Building Asia

We engaged Profound Knowledge Partners Asia to assist with our Strategy and Goal Setting for our offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The problem we faced was to bring clarity to what we wanted to achieve and to provide a platform to keep all staff involved accountable for the actions that needed to be taken.

PKP Asia completed comprehensive interviews with the Directors and key staff to create six core pillars for our business strategy. These pillars were then further investigated through PKP Asia’s unique tools and facilitation resulting in a clear and concise Strategy Plan for the entire organisation.

We benefitted greatly from PKP Asia’s expertise and they were able to keep us on course to action all the goals we set out to achieve. We highly recommend PKP Asia for your organisation.

Industries Served

Profound Knowledge Partners Asia has experience in working with the following industries:

Healthcare and Allied Services
Manufacturing and export industries
Consumer distribution and retail
Mechanical engineering, tooling and plastics
Pharmaceutical & Chemical
Supply chain, Logistics and Shipping
Oil & Gas Production, Distribution and Allied Industries
Entertainment Services
Food and Beverage
Computing Hardware and Services
Textiles, Clothing & Footwear
Building services
Banking, Finance and Insurance
Learning & Talent Development