Introduction to Profound Knowledge Partners Asia: The What (Part 1)

The most accurate way to describe us is that we are:

  • Improvement Scientists
  • Business Coaches, and
  • Consultants

… specialising in Strategy, Innovation and Change.

We support organisations large and small to successfully navigate critical transitions and accelerate sustainable growth, by helping them to diagnose their challenges and find practical solutions to resolve them.

Profound Knowledge Partners Asia can help organisations frame the future and successfully manage these moments of GROWTH TRANSITION, and beyond.

If you prefer to read the contents of the video, here’s the transcript.

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are watching this from.

After meeting someone and exchanging initial greetings, what’s the first thing that a new acquaintance asks? … “What do you do?”. The purpose of this video is to provide a description about what we do and how we can help you. It’s the first in a series of introductory videos.

So, what does Profound Knowledge Partners Asia do?

For years, I have struggled to articulate this. Unlike many professions, we cannot simply say we are pilots, lawyers or engineers. That’s why I’m making this video. But first let me touch on why I started Profound Knowledge Partners Asia.

Profound Knowledge Partners Asia grew out of a confluence of passions –

  • For science and a love of learning and how both intersect with business.
  • For strategy, innovation and business improvement
  • A deep fascination with psychology and wanting to help people.

This along with a great respect for the work of our partners and mentors Cliff and Jane Norman, and that of Dr. W. Edwards Demming together with our decades of successful experience with global enterprises as well as SMEs, led us to believe that we could help other organisations with our knowledge and experience. More on this in another video, but for now, on to what we do.

The most accurate way to describe us is that we are Improvement Scientists, Business Coaches and Consultants specialising in Strategy, Innovation and Change.

We can help you diagnose your challenges and find practical solutions to resolve them. We support organisations large and small to successfully navigate critical transitions and accelerate sustainable growth.

What do we mean by that? …

Throughout their lives, organisations of all kinds reach critical points of transition. It could be a start-up making the transition to a successful SME. Many never make it! Or a medium-sized business growing and struggling to become successfully larger. Many large enterprises face such moments when the market changes around them, or when they’re strategically trying to grow either organically or through acquisition.

At this point, the existing organisational structures, processes and competencies can prove insufficient and they can create their own “glass ceiling”. As an organisation becomes larger, it becomes more difficult to direct. Often the complexity of managing the operation gets away from the leaders, and they struggle to make it “work better.” I’ll expand on this also in another video.

For commercial enterprises, critical symptoms of these transitional points include:

  • Reduced efficiency usually evidenced by growing revenue but static profit, or
  • Costs continuing to rise without revenue increasing

Other symptoms may include:

  • Insufficient innovation with competitors eating your lunch
  • A lack of agility to change along with a fast-moving markets
  • Disengaged and demotivated staff not willing to give their best efforts
  • Growing tensions in the workplace and high staff turnover
  • Increasing complaints with dissatisfied customers turning away

For non-profit organisations, this may be evidenced by:

  • A reduction in service quality
  • Losses in efficiency
  • Increased costs per delivery
  • Improvement efforts not just sticking
  • And/or increasing problems in managing people issues

Organisations facing these symptoms either learn to successfully change and grow, or they implode over time. Sometimes, they limp on with poor result based on sheer effort from the leaders, who over time become exhausted by the struggle.

This is what we mean by critical points of growth transition. Profound Knowledge Partners Asia helps organisations frame their future and successfully manage these transitional moments and beyond.

We’d love to discuss your challenges with you and help you to build solutions that navigate your organisation’s critical transitions. Send us a message.

Over time, we’ll be exploring many of these transitional challenges in our YouTube channel. Checkout our other videos. And if you’re interested to learn more, hit the subscribe button and perhaps leave a thumbs up below. Thank you for watching and have a productive day.

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