PKP Asia AIMI Launch Announcement

What has been your experience?

We have observed that leading Improvement, Innovation and Change programs have typically faced two challenges:

1. Documentation: maintaining a simple, effective, documentation system for reporting to stakeholders and keeping them informed on progress and barriers. Documentation and knowledge management are essential for spread of change and improvement across organizations. Many organizations are hampered by “file-based” approaches with different formats, storage access and version control. Keeping everyone informed typically required long reports and PowerPoint-driven meetings.

2. Measurement: access to a system of measures presented in useful graphical formats for effective shared meaning, analysis and decision-making, with a one common source of accessible data. The past decade has seen improvements with systems such as Microsoft’s PowerBI and others being developed. The challenge with these programs has been the lack of useful analytical tools that cannot be easily related to the progress of the specific projects.

Aimi has been developed by world renowned improvement consultants Profound Knowledge Partners Inc. and Acquate. The system is currently in use with major government and private organisations in the USA and we are pleased to extend its availability into Asia Pacific.

Aimi is a system that not only supports project managers to deliver their outcomes, but also solves the complex program challenges of knowledge management, handling complicated measures across multiple projects, project and program reporting, and standardising formats. It is the change leader’s one source of the truth for innovation and change programs.

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