David Thomas: Managing Partner

David has more than 35 years’ experience in commercial operations, manufacturing, services management, quality and business Improvement, with 12 years serving in Asia regional senior leadership roles, for major multinationals such a Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Philips Electronics. Since 2013, he has been helping successful leaders and their organisations to develop and enrich strategies, improve their products, services and processes, drive innovation, and build themselves and their teams to deliver superior performance – in short planning for growth to become more successful!

Alongside his rich business experience, David is also:

  • Leading practitioner, consultant and trainer of Deming-based improvement methods for leaders and teams
    • HP Black Belt [2002] and HP Sigma Plus Programs leader
    • Philips Black Belt Champion and Business Excellence (EFQM Model) Leader
    • Partner and consultant with Profound Knowledge Partners Inc.
  • Certified Entheo 6’I’s®️ of Innovation practitioner
  • Certified Executive and Business Coach
  • Certified Personal Strengths SDI, Harrison Assessments & Genos Emotional Intelligence Partner
  • Certified Berlitz Cultural Orientations & Global Leadership Consultant
  • Certified Negotiation, Conflict and Dialogue Consultant and Trainer

Born in Australia, David has lived in Asia since 2000, including China, Singapore and Hong Kong and has deep experience with the business dynamics and cultural diversity across Asia-Pacific Region

Profound Knowledge Partners Inc

Based in Georgetown, Texas USA, Jane and Cliff Norman have been premier Strategy and Business Improvement thinkers and consultants for 40+ years working with clients in industries as diverse as healthcare, electronics, chemicals, manufacturing and building. As co-authors of the book “Transforming Healthcare Leadership: A system guide to improve patient care, reduce costs and improve population health” they have helped healthcare professionals quite literally save lives and improve healthcare outcomes whilst reducing costs across, America, Singapore, Sweden and UK.

Cliff, a partner also in Associates in Process Improvement (API), was also co-author of the seminal book “The Improvement Guide: A practical approach to enhancing organizational performance.”

Cliff and Jane have evolved the thinking that came from this into the Accelerated Model for Improvement (AmiTM), a set of useful frameworks and tools to help organisations drive sustainable, rapid, innovation and improvement in processes, products, services, technologies, experiences and business models.

Profound Knowledge Partners Asia, join with Profound Knowledge Partners Inc to deliver solutions to large and global organisations.



TJ and Amber Gokcen are organisational consultants and software programmers, Systems Thinking, Organisational Development, and Business Improvement speakers and advisors. TJ and Amber have been delivering exceptional value to clients in Australia and beyond since 2007. Recently they have worked with PKP Inc to bring the AmiTM tools and framework into the Accelerated Innovation and Model for Improvement program management software, AimiHub.

Profound Knowledge Partners Asia has now joined with AimiHub to deliver their software and training to organisations in Asia needing to better manage their portfolio of improvement projects.


Entheo (The Six 'I’s of Innovation®)

Founded by Natalie Turner and Carl Hinds in 2006, and now based in Singapore, The Entheo Network provides consultancy and training services to help individuals and organisations create new products and services whilst building innovation skills, capabilities and culture.

Natalie, Author of the book “Yes, You Can Innovate!”, along with her team, have brought innovation thinking and skills through The Six I’s of Innovation® to a range of industries including Pharmaceutical, IT, Media and Financial Services as well as Public Sector organisations and fast growing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Recently, Profound Knowledge Partners Asia has begun collaborating with Entheo as a practitioner of The Six I’s of Innovation®.


Six I's Unleash Your Innovation Potential


Neuland Business Solutions is a business consultancy and financial services company, founded by Dr. Daniel Gruszynski in Hong Kong since 2002. Neuland provide start up, business administration outsourcing and advisory services to small, medium and large enterprises across Asia from both their Hong Kong and Singapore offices. Ideal for business looking for Hong Kong consulting.